Ace is a character from Cartoon Network's 1998 animated series, The Powerpuff Girls. He is the leader of the Gangreen Gang, a group of hoodlums based out of Townsville. He is the bassist for the Gorillaz' sixth studio album The Now Now, and served as the temporary replacement bassist while the bands usual bassist Murdoc Niccals was imprisoned. 

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In an interview, Damon Albarn explained Ace becoming a member of Gorillaz, and confirmed that Cartoon Network had given permission for Gorillaz the use the character. According to Albarn, Ace was chosen as Murdoc 's replacement because he and Jamie believed had a certain spiritual connection with Murdoc, especially Jamie.  He also mentions that they were both "massive fans" of The Powerpuff Girls when it came out and they always thought the energy of the show was "really cool", and that they're friends with the show's creator, Craig McCracken.  "It all came about organically, is my point" Albarn says.[1]

In another interview, Jamie Hewlett mentions that his children were also huge fans of The Powerpuff Girls growing up and that the show was huge back then, and says that he's always been interested in the idea of cartoons crossing over, but that he's ever seen a cartoon character entering another world, aside from Who Framed Roger Rabbit & Space Jam. Hewlett also said that "Cartoon Network were great about it, but they did say no alcohol or prostitutes!".[2]


In Gorillaz, Ace's design is much more detailed and has more realistic proportions, with less exaggerated features than in The Powerpuff Girls. One example is his chin, being less curvy and shorter, but still maintaining it’s sharp end. Ace’s ears are also sometimes visible and his nose is slightly pointier. He is also visibly older in Gorillaz, having wrinkles and a receding hairline. Ace’s wardrobe in Gorillaz is also more varied, as Ace is shown in a different outfit in each picture and music video, as opposed to his signature blue & orange vest jacket and bell bottom pants and bracelets. Gorillaz' design for Ace is also loosely based off the actor John Cazale’s character Sal from the 1975 crime drama film Dog Day Afternoon. In the Tranz music video, the way Ace moves is loosely based on the mannerisms of the band's live bassist Seye.


According to the FreeMurdoc chats, Ace is a close personal friend of the band who has known them for a long time. In an interview with NME, Murdoc spoke of Ace in high regard and referred to him as a "lovely, genuine fella" and "an underrated actor in his day", and said that "As a TV villain he's up there with Mumm-Ra, in my opinion".[3] In another FreeMurdoc chat, Noodle described Ace as "A bit clingy, but he's got a good heart". In another NME interview, 2D said of Ace 'he's cool and really respects me'. 2-D says that one day, when he greeted Ace and said 'Yo yo yo! S’up Ace?', Ace responded with 'Please can you get out of my way'.[4] In an interview with Billboard Argentina, 2-D has also said that "Ace is great" and that "he made a career in showbiz by taking balls from kids and stealing their lunch money". 2-D also said that Ace once stole a toaster from him and sold it to Russel for $5, who then sold it back to 2D for $10.[5] In the music video for Humility, Ace takes a ball from two basketball players and deflates it with a switchblade, just like in he took dodgeballs from kids in The Powerpuff Girls.


Gorillaz in the Powerpuff Girls Universe

Gorillaz in the Powerpuff Girls Universe

  • In the Powerpuff Girls Movie, an ad for Gorillaz LIVE was briefly seen in a newspaper and a lookalike of 2D (with a mohawk) could briefly be seen in the crowd, and on a scene of news report about the girls; sparking the theory that the Gorillaz and the Powerpuff Girls share the same universe.

2-D wearing a Mojo Jojo tee.

    • Another connection between Gorillaz and The Powerpuff Girls is a picture with 2-D wearing a shirt of Mojo Jojo.
    • Also, in The Powerpuff Girls' 2003 episode Shotgun Wedding, the opening scene shows a picture of The Gang Green Gang spraying graffiti in the style of the Gorillaz logo.[6]
    • On Gorillaz' old Kong Studios website in phase one, Noodle had The Powerpuff Girls games section of Cartoon Network's official website in her internet bookmarks on her computer.[7]
    • During a BBC Webchat with Gorillaz from 2002, Bubbles asked Noodle who her favorite Powerpuff Girls character was, and her answer was Mojo Jojo.[8] 
    • In phase one, The Powerpuff Girls was one of Noodle's favorite cartoons.[9] In Noodle's official phase one biography, Noodle lists The Powerpuff Girls as one of her likes and interests.[10]
    • Gorillaz were asked by The Powerpuff Girls creator Craig McCracken to make a song for The Powerpuff Girls movie in 2002, but due to conflicting schedules, the song was never made[11]
    • Craig McCracken's other Cartoon Network series Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends also paid homage to Jamie's comic, Tank Girl in the episode, Nightmare on Wilson Way, in a scene that briefly shows Frankie Foster dressed up as Tank Girl for Halloween.
  • Ironically, Murdoc was temporarily replaced by a known felon.
  • Coincidentally, Ace and Murdoc both have green skin, have criminal backgrounds, and are leaders of their respective groups.
  • In March 2018, Jamie posted a clip of Ace hitting a Kindergartner with a dodgeball from the Powerpuff Girls episode, Schoolhouse Rocked to his Instagram. This was the earliest known hinting of Ace's involvement with the band. [12]
  • On May 31, 2018, Damon Albarn explained in an interview with BBC Radio 6 the reason behind adding Ace as Murdoc's temporary replacement; stating that Cartoon Network gave Gorillaz permission to use Ace as a character. [13]
  • Cartoon Network Latin America posted a promo on their official Facebook Page about Ace becoming a member of Gorillaz, with Ace as show in Humility's video followed by an angry reaction from Mojo Jojo, with captions that say "Some people enjoy their fame" and "Others just can't stand it".[14]
  • Ace's design in Gorillaz was also loosely based on John Cazale's character Sal from the 1975 crime drama film Dog Day Afternoon. [15]


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