Democrazy is an EP album of demos created by Damon Albarn. It contains 14 tracks that are separated into 2 discs, with Disc 1 containing 8 tracks and Disc 2 containing 6 tracks.


During Blur's US leg of the Think Tank tour, Damon Albarn recorded these songs in the hotels that he stayed in while touring. He later decided to publish his project. The finished album was later showcased at London's Neighborhood club. He later extended and added more elements to the song "I Need a Gun" to create Gorillaz hit single, Dirty Harry. Another song called "A Rappy Song" was misinterpreted as an unnamed collaboration with Bootie Brown and Cee-Lo Green.

The songs on this album are said to be "sketchy" and most of them are clearly unfinished as the music will completely turn off at the end of a track.

(2003) Democrazy

(2003) Democrazy

Release Date and Chart Position

12/08/03 -- highest chart position: unknown


Disc One

  1. I Need a Gun
  2. Reedz
  3. Half a Song
  4. Five Star Life
  5. A Rappy Song
  6. Back to Mali
  7. I Miss You
  8. Hymn to Moon

Disc Two

  1. Dezert
  2. Sub Species of an American Day
  3. American Welfare Poem
  4. Saz Theory Book
  5. Gotta' Get Down With the Passing of Time
  6. End of Democrazy


  • This was only available as a vinyl double EP
  • This was Damon Albarn's first solo project as his second solo album, Dr Dee, wasn't released about nine years later (2012)
  • The album received mixed-to-negative reviews by music critics