Dr Wurlzel

"The only known photo of Dr. Wurzel"

Dr. Wurzel was/is the nemesis of Gorillaz since Phase One.

According to "Rise Of The Ogre", all Gorillaz knows about him is that "he's a doctor and a Wurzel".


Not much is known about the mysterious Dr. Wurzel.

He first appears in 2001-2002 during Phase 1 and part of Phase 1.5. Dr. Wurzel is known for stealing Murdoc's Winnebago as seen in the 19-2000 intro video. As when he stole the Winnebago, he took various pictures of it in different places. In the past on , there were pages such as the Indentikit or Dr Wurzel's Surgery which gave info about him. There was even a CCTV Clip seen on the old stolen vehicle site. During the doctor's possession of the Winnebago, he leaked their (at the time unreleased) first ever single, "Ghost Train", which would later be added to the G-Sides. At some point in late 2001, Murdoc (or the authorities) apprehended the crazed doctor and returned the Winnebago to its rightful home in Kong Studios. After the incident, the dispute was settled in court and never spoken of again. He most likely went to prison.

He is also mentioned in the Gorillaz autobiography "Rise of the Ogre", Murdoc briefly talking about the incident of his Winnebago.

The Winnebago Incident

First Off


The night before the release of the first CD, Dr. Wurzel stole the Winnebago. (From Dr. Wurzel's Blog [1])

If you've bought Gorillaz ' new'll have seen that the CD acts as the key to Murdoc's Winnebago (where he lives)....but on the night before the album's release, Murdoc's Winnebago mysteriously disappeared!

Murdoc's Message

Murdoc posted a message on a stolen vehicles website...but they seemed to suffer a lot of abuse and the site went down. Loads of images, supposedly of Murdoc's Winnebago were sent to him via email...which I, Dr. Wurzel, managed to HACK! I collected as many images as I could and have posted them on this have a delve! To all who sent Murdoc these nearly made me split my colostomy bag with joy!


<<check it out>>

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