El Mierda is an antagonist of Gorillaz. He is a demon and a direct descendent to Nuestra Señora de la Santa Muerte herself, as well as the kingpin of the "bloodiest crime dynasty in modern history."

One of the most awful bastards on God's earth. A gun-runner, narc trafficker, black market puppeteer. Makes Pablo Escobar look like Ricky Martin. - Murdoc Niccals in HM Prison Wormwood Scrubs 


Not much is known about El Mierda other than the info mentioned above.

Gorillaz Phase 5: 2018-

El Mierda first appears in the "Strobelite" video, meeting Murdoc Niccals. Murdoc at first thought he was a fan who wanted a selfie, but since he reminded Murdoc of his geography teacher they took the selfie anyway and Murdoc sent it to the school WhatsApp thread. Murdoc and El Mierda then had some drinks, before El Mierda gave a white card to Murdoc. For unknown reasons, El Mierda framed Murdoc for smuggling, resulting in the latter being apprehended and jailed in Wormwood Scrubs.


  • El Mierda is the second antagonist to ever appear in a music video, the first being the Boogieman.
  • In the Strobelite music video, El Mierda is portrayed by Phil Cornwell who also does the voice acting for Murdoc.
  • "El Mierda" translates to "The Shit" in Spanish, which is a possible reference to DoYaThing.


  • Murdoc meeting El Mierda
  • El Mierda passing a note to Murdoc
  • Murdoc and El Mierda