Fancy Dress title card

Title Card.

"Fancy Dress" is a short animated skit (known as a G-Bite) from the "Phase One: Celebrity Take Down" compilation DVD.

Or also known to be released during Phase 1 of Gorillaz. It was never properly released and is available on the Phase 1 DVD.

In the line, Russel was dressed as Charlie Chaplin, 2-D was dressed as a Mummy Zombie, Noodle was dressed as a park ranger and Murdoc was dressed as a Nazi.



Gorillaz - Fancy Dress01:03

Gorillaz - Fancy Dress

Fancy Dress


[All of Gorillaz are in costume. Murdoc is focusing the camera to take a picture of them.]

Murdoc: Hang on, hang on! Oh yeah, that's it. Oh, this is gonna look great

[Murdoc sets the timer and runs to take his place in the picture.]

Russel: Oh man, where'd you get that outfit? You can't go dressin' up as a God-damned Nazi, you cracker-ass

Murdoc: Why not? I mean, if it's good enough for Lemmy, Keith Richards, and Leonard Nimoy, then it's good enough for me! Har, har!

2-D (wandering around like a zombie): Yeah, yeah, yeah...

Russel: Well, you ain't them.

Murdoc: NEITHER ARE THEY! I mean, whose idea was this, anyway?

Russel: It was yours! I would never have chosen this outfit! I have an appreciation for fine clothes... (he throws his hat over his head and it harmlessly hits 2D on the head) ...petticoats an' stuff. Maybe some diamante shoes. Like Dorothy from ''The Wizard of Oz''

[During this, 2-D is STILL wandering around, saying the same thing over and over.]

Murdoc: Well, why didn't anyone tell ''me'' it was crap?

[Murdoc's trousers fall down.]

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