Gorillaz unmastered

The Gorillaz Un-mastered Tracks is the promo version of the album Gorillaz consisting of 18 tracks from the debut album and G-Sides.

Track List

  1. Slow Country
  2. Tomorrow Comes Today
  3. Latin Simone
  4. Latin Simone (Lower BV's)
  5. New Genious
  6. 19-2000
  7. 5/4
  8. Clint Eastwood
  9. Sound Check
  10. Man Research (Clapper)
  11. Re-Hash
  12. Exhumation
  13. Rock the House
  14. Mi Ai
  15. Punk
  16. Double Bass
  17. Starshine
  18. Faust


  • Some of the tracks appear to have a longer runtime than their final release, though mostly this is just extra silence at the beginning or end. However:
    • "Clint Eastwood" and "Exhumation" (a.k.a. "Left Hand Suzuki Method") continue to a conclusion instead of fading out.
    • "Punk" has a longer intro instead of fading in.
    • "New Genious" runs for a few more seconds and cuts off instead of fading out.
    • "Starshine" has a couple of seconds of atmospheric noise at the end which were removed from the final version.
    • "Man Research (Clapper)" appears longer, but in fact is the same as the released version. On the released version, the sound effect at the beginning appears on the end of the preceding track "Clint Eastwood" (this appears to be an error at the mastering stage, since the tracks are not mixed together, the split between them is simply in the wrong place).
  • Many of the tracks had different names prior to their final release
    • New Genious - New Genious (Brother)
    • 19.2000 - 19-2000
    • Sound Check - Sound Check (Gravity)
    • Exhumation - Left Hand Suzuki Method
    • Mi Ai - M1 A1
  • The instrumental of Rock the House appears on this CD.
  • "Latin Simone" is the Albarn-voiced English language version from the original Tomorrow Comes Today EP and appears in two versions with slight differences in the backing vocals.
  • There is an error on the cover art as M1 A1 is misinterpreted as Mi Ai
  • Being unmastered, the tracks in general exhibit a wider dynamic range than the final release.
  • The collection also appears to be unsequenced; that is, the tracks do not seem to be ordered so as to flow as an album.
  • This is said to be very rare as only 4 people on Discogs have claimed that they own an official copy. It has of course been widely leaked on file-sharing sites.

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