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Gorillaz Pirate Radio 2 was the second of three radio/podcasts released in anticipation of the release of Plastic Beach.


*MUSIC PLAYS, -I wanna marry a lighthouse keeper-*

Murdoc: -Murdoc jams along-

Oh.....nicely timed, uh, there we go that's, uh, "Erika Egg" uh..from's her's short, I think it was..yeah..Clot - from, A Clockwork - clot..Clockwork Orange, have you ever seen that film?

"Clotwork Orange." Oh, great film. It was better than Clockwork Orange. That was, that was alright, but Clockwork Orange was fantastic. It was about that tall guy, that everybody threw bricks at. Do you remember? That was the whole film.

Ahhh, I liked it! Ah - a lot of people didn't. I did! Uh, right of course! You probably think "What am I listening to? What's happened?" I've got into a - a strange, uh, universe. Oh, you have in many ways.

Uh, your listening to me, Murdoc Niccals and uh..this is my very own Radio show! Hahahahahaha - great! Wa - ha! Ha - ha! -sings- Murdoc's got his own show! Murdoc's got his own show, la la la la! Hoy! La la la..-stops- I must have some rum..mmmm.. oh yeah..

-drinks rum- Mmhm! Ow! Oh..y' little, my little tinkle has just completley vanished. Y'know? It's like a little baby carrot. Anyway, I shouldn't really told you, that's to much informa - I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry! Anyway, your listening to me, Murdoc Niccals. This is uh, Point Nemo FM and 48 degrees south, 123 degrees west! Uh -clears throat- that's the name of the Radio station, Point Nemo FM. Ah, there's no other radio station quite like it. Except Radio 1. Which is exactly the same. Other than that, there are no other radio stations like it.

Uh, and you know what? I gotta tell you a little secret. I- If you haven't been listening to the first show..What you been doing?!? Should of been listening to it. Uh, anyway you know where I'm broadcasting from? It's the most deserted spot..On. The. Planet! Y'know? I'm on my own, alright? You gotta a problem with that?


Otherwise I think we'll get on..really well. Ah, but I'm uh, I'm stuck on this place called "Plastic Beach". You should see it man. Oh..Oh what a place. I - I thought South N was bad..y'know? But uh..I think this might be slightly worse....not like I have anything with South N, actually...not really South N? Really is it?

-clears throat- Anyway, I was, uh, -clears throat- Basically the reason I'm here, cause, I don't know if I told you the last show, but I was escaping from some, some, some pirates..OH GOD THEY WERE SCARY! OH GOD! ONE OF THEM HAD A HUUUUGE HEAD! OH, I DIDN'T LIKE IT!

I kept seeing his head in my dreams..oh hang on I'll just have some more rum. Hang on a second.. -drinks more rum-

Oh...ooohhh that's better! HmmHmm - hmmhmm!

Oh, I went all Northern then. Oh, "Hey it's Murdoc from up North!" Sounds funny, doesn't it? -laughs a bit-

Anyway! Right! No!

What we do is we play music on this show, actually. And uh, I will actually be playing you, uh, some uh, Gorillaz uh, I'm definitely going to be playing you the new track uh, "Stink fish"....great I really am gonna call it Stink fish -chuckles- the one I'm gonna play. Right?

I will! Uh - Well, probably..I don't know.'s the uh..I don't even know what the first- what's the first track? Oh yeah! I got it! Here we are! Whats the matter with ya Murdoc? Oh, Muddy, Muddy, Muddy!

You know when you spend a lot of time on your own? You go a bit mad?


Oh...that's right I'm on me own..Oh dear, oh dear. I need help. Anyway!

This is from a lovely lady called, "April March" and uhhhh...just to uh, tickle your fancy a bit, uh.. I'd uh - I'd say uh, keep watching the headlines cause, uh, around April and March..actually, uh.. Y'know just keep your eyes open. Hmm? Hmm?

There's a seismic event happening, with the Gorillaz!

In the mean time, check this out, it's uh, It's called, "Chick Habit". I used to have one of those but ahhhhh I'm clean now. It's, uh, it's by April March. throat..


-sings- Ahhhh! Stink Fish! Yeah? Yeah? Might work. You can call that Stink Fish! Actually, that wasn't called Stink Fish.

Uh, that was, uh, that was April March. And, uh, that's called, uh... Chick..chick habit..

Oh, that music. Oh man..oh that's so soothing. I just feel like letting myself...drift off. Into the..well into the Abyss really. Nice Abyss mind, y'know? Pleasant - not - not horrible! Not dark! I'm gonna have some rum. Ah - mm..-drinks rum-

-burps- Mmm..excuse me. Oh, that's better. I don't know..y'know when your coming off the rum..I don't ya.. If you're like me, do you see you see spiders on the wall? And ummm, flies that aren't there? Hmm? Do ya? No?

Oh, it's just me then. Alright. I must drink less. I think that's probably the answer, isn't it? Um..yeah, anyway!

This show - is not about me talking, clearly. It clearly is not about Murdoc Niccals talking. By the way, you're listening to...

-sings- Point Nemo FM!! 48 degrees south! 123 degrees...weeeeeeeeeeest!

I got some, uh, voice people in to do the, those little jingles. Yeah, I hope you like them. Yeah, y'know? Mhmm?

I got some other ones coming up, later on, which I hope you like. And uh, yes for the such of all music by people who can make..proper MUSIC!

"Brian Wilson"! Son of harold!

This is called..."Sail on Sailor". It's The Beach Boys! And why not? We're on a beach.


Oh ain't that marvelous... The Beach Boys you know on the contrary I don't think I ruined that I think I enhanced it, quite frankly that was good.. wasn't it? Did you like it? Do you like it? Oh dear - Oh dear, I've been on my own so long, I'm going - I'm going a bit, uh, a bit bit silly. You do go a bit silly when your on your own. I don't know if you find that - I found this book actually, I was washed, eh..I'm beginning to sound like eh, Jody Blackwell.

Uh.. -chuckles- actually -chuckles- That's the title is actually called Plastic Beach. It was washed up on the island. And you know what? You know what folks? Listen, listen, listen, listen to me. Come here, come here, come to Murdoc, come to Murdoc, see here. It's the book, it's actually the history of man! Yeah? From the Big bang? Do you remember when the Big bang..-mumbles- wait, wait..when was the Big was Monday wasn't it? It's on a Monday, the Big Bang..I think..uh...

Anyway, and it's right from there from the present day! IT'S ABSOLUTELY..TERRIFYING!!!!

Oh..I tell you, I mean, he's - he's in it! He's in it! On every page! And he always has been! Right? And when I say he, I mean Murdoc! Me!

Me - I'm talking about myself in a third person..oh god. -chuckles-

No, no - and, and uh, No I've been throughout history.. tell you what I've been in, uh, ancient..ancient Rome.. uh, the black death. That was nice - Oh I loved the black death. I really enjoyed the black death, actually. First time it came around, that was best, in the 13 hundreds. At The fire in London..which I started. I had a box of swans in Pudding Lane. They tried to pin it on me. But no, I didn't really, I didn't start lying, I didn't really.. I helped them put it out - it's like a trench. It was my idea! It was my idea! Samuel Peeps, forget about it he just stood there writing about it! He didn't help.. did he? Samuel Peeps just stood there, writing this freakin'..diary. Whatever it was.. about.. "Oh this fire is getting worse and people" did he did he do anything about it..? Noooo! I think he knew too much.. as far as I'm concerned..Anyway I said build a trench and that should stop it and they did. And it did. Alright okay? Then the, uh, The industrial revolution Abraham Darby ... all that.. that was good. I like - he was a personal friend of mine.

And uh, Izambard kingdom Brunel..oh...oh god me and -chuckles- Ah - ah - I miss him so much. I - I - I do. I mean I do, I mean I loved him very much. I loved him. You know the thing I liked about him most, was his hat. And that sounds strange. But really, I loved Izambard's hat. And I told him that on many, many, ocasions. That's why we were close..and, uh, the Vikings of course. So um..Anyway, have a look at this book. It's fantastic. Really it is absolutely amazing. But, It is enough to, uh, turn a man to drink. Quite frankly. Scary stuff. -drinks rum-

Anyway! The next track - lets move on. That's enough of my waffle. Moving on! Next track here uh, is from the, uh, the new Gorillaz album. And you can't..your so lucky I'm playing all these new tracks! Y'know?

Wh-wh-wh- Y'know? Great! It's good..I'm - I'm being nice to you aren't I?

This one is called, "Pink Stink Fish".


Oh, dear, dear, dear, - I - I've been thinking..oh yeah, I can't - I can't call that - I can't call that Pink Stink Fish.

It's just.....ohhh It's just - I can't, I can't call it can't - It's can't do it, can you? Can't do it..

Leave it, forget it - forget it it's not called Pink Stink Fish..

I think - Oh hang on, what's that going to be called..oh yeah..that one's going to be called, "OH YES!!" track. I hoped you enjoyed it.

Anyway, uh, your listening to -sings- Point Neemoo FMMMM! 48 degrees south. 123 degrees west! Radioooooo..

Oh, I've got some voice people in to do that ..mmmm...great.

Okay, uh..actually I'm - It's getting uh, it's getting a bit grim around here actually. I'm in the middle of the ocean with this fog swirling around. And this - noises and things in the night. Which I just don't understand...from creatures of the deep.

And it's..just..frankly....disturbing. Although, having said that, that could be my self conscience. So there you are..

Um, I think the other day, y'know I - I may have..I'm not sure cause it was so foggy - I might have lost a limb..I'm not actually sure. Anyway, this is uh, "Burn Rubber on me". And it's the uh.. "The Gap band"

Mmm - mmm - mmm...Mmmm-mmm-mmm!

I do miss England.


Oh...WOW!!!! Yeah..Oh, Gray Davis. Kinks there, Y'know? "Plastic Man". Great song. Lovely.

You're listening to..POINT NEMO FMMMMMM! 48 DEGREES SOUTH! 123 DEGREES...west..!

Ah..!! That's better. Feel better now.

Uh, you're listening to me Murdoc Niccals, uh, from Gorillaz. On my own radio station,

I'm on me - on me - on -!

I'm on my own. Broadacasting to uh, nobody in pacticular.

Mmm mmm mmm mm? Anthony Hopkins, mmm? How's the race? Anthony Hopkins. Mhmm? Build a rocket..Fruit de mars, Fruit de mars! Anthony Hopkins! Shut it!

...Right sorry. Sorry about that. Anthony Hopkins took me over. It happens! People take me over. I'm on me own, that's why - that's why! Y'know? Anyway that her up, Hmm? Hmm?

-cork flies- Bottoms up! There we are..

Right, uh, yes, I've got another treat coming up for you actually, believe it or not. Uh, I am actually treating you very nicely. Even though I'm mental disintegration. is mildy entertaining I suppose.. Y'know. That's why I set the radio station up - I wanted you to hear me sort of - y'know...mentally disintegrate on air.

So there's a record of it. I think it's nearly fair, isn't it? - I think it's nearly fair!

Yeah if you're gonna disintegrate mentally...GET IT DOWN ON TAPE!

That's what I said - that's what the doctor said to me, y'know?

All right -chuckles- this is another uh, Gorillaz track.. now - right now - I've been thinking. I've been thinking..While I've been talking, I've been thinking. As the same time. Y'know? So this Gorillaz track is another one..uh, off the album.

Oh - By the way, this album is the best - out of the 12 album's we've done.

This one is called, "The House of the Pinky Stink Fish"


Oh your listening to me Murdoc Niccals on Point Nemo FM, 48 degrees south, 123 degrees west Thank you for tuning in to Murdoc's little show. You know I told you that track, that Gorillaz track which was yeah, quite good, erm..It was actually brilliant. I was going to call it the house of the Pinky Stinkfish but I think, oh I don't know I've been thinking about it and I can't really call it that, can I? It's not going to be a hit is it if I call it that. So, forget about that, forget about that.. I can't call it that, it's stupid. I don't know what came over me.

Anyway, I've thought of a much much better name...umm, I'm thinking of calling that track..'Eiyungundiclarkaclarkaclarka' Which is much better isn't it? Rolls off the tongue easier.

Oh dear, at last I've come to my senses..There you are. Anyway, did I tell you about that film? I watched a wonderful film last night called 'Cake Fear' not to be confused with 'Cape Fear' Robert Mitchem and all that..This is cake fear, which is better, I thought it was better film. I watched it last night anyway and oh god it's scary. Oh no, it's really really scary. Set in this giant tumble dryer. And there's a whole crowd of people dressed in Victorian clothing, Spinning and spinning and spinning. And then this big face comes through and this big tongue comes out. And across the tongue is this little man which looks a lot like Alan Titmarsh. Who gets shot and everything just bursts out of him and that's the end of the film. I love it.. oh I love it. Titmarsh. Anyway, the next tracks called 'People who died' and its by Jim Carole and he's really good, you should pay attention to this.. And its not called Stinkfish!


Yeah.. ohhh that is me that is a very jolly track.."People who die" My sort of track. Hope you enjoyed listening to the Gorillaz tracks. The thing is about all those tracks is that I can't really remember who played on them... Or... who's there or.. what happened.. I just know we came out with that track. But next time next week I will be doing another show.. Broadcasting on Point Nemo FM which is 48 degrees south 123 degrees west. And erm, I will be able to tell you who collaborated on those tracks and I'm beginning to sound like "Clive Anderson" which is worse. Ahhh must get out more. This place is awful, scary, fog rolling in I don't know how long I've been here now could be six months could be a year I don't know.. who knows..

But erm, at least there's no one bothering me.. -startles- What's that!?!

*MUSIC PLAYS, -I wanna marry a lighthouse keeper-*

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Murdoc's Pirate Radio -Point Nemo FM- Part 210:08

Murdoc's Pirate Radio -Point Nemo FM- Part 2

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