Murdoc: Eeee....oooh....Shangri las, out in the streets. Mmmmm..yeah....

Here we go again. Yeah, the Point Nemo special on the rocks! Happy hour!

Once again it's me, Murdoc Niccals, the uh, ship wreck man alone in the dark. Swooping the record decks with rum, vinegar and vitriol. Mwuahh..oooh yeah, the uh, the foolproof..uh..kicking in nicely now..y'know? Err...I'm tency, wincy bit drowsy...yeah..

Oh, as I say that was the uh, what was rangy - shrang - how do you say that word? Shangri las..

Y'know? It's easy for you to say. Y'know..?

That was uh, yeah "Shrangri las" with "Out in the streets"

And uh, actually I've got a little cheeky uh, rum and raggae warm concoction going on here. And uh, a full record box next to me. And..another endless night of fog and storms and isolation in front of me. So uh, yeah why don't - why don't we uh, continue this steam with lovely track from "Tom waits!" "The Ocean doesn't want me today!"



Oohhhhh - mhmmm....oooh...yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah..

Thank you. Thank you for that Mr. Waits. Man, after bone and heart man, told me. Y'know?

Very, very, you say...'Lugubrious.'

And uh.. -clears throat- listeners, all you fans and all that uh - all that sailor-ness.

I have got, a very special guest with me! I may as well yank this full and early before he passes out!

It's uh, a singer from a very famous band! In fact, the singer of my very favorite band of all time!


Ladies and gentlemen, here's 2D from Gorillaz! Say hello to the laides and gentlemen 2D!

2D: Hello...

I thought I'd let him out of his little underwater dungeon, y'know? Just to have a little look at what I'm up to..

And if he's very, very, lucky, I'll slow him to introduce a record! Maybe..

2D: Alright...this is 2D from Gorillaz...and this is our new song from.. -slapped- AHHHH!

Silence! I'm spinning the disks here pal! You sit there and shut it until I say so. Alright? Or I'll throw you to the fog.

So without further ado - lets crack the whip, crack the bottle and crack on with this latest instrument of hot and heavy hits from... today and...yester-year.

This is uh, "Robert Johnson" and "Drunken Hearted man!"



Here's a story about a boy and a girl. The boy...well...he was tall, he was sad and he was lonely. And he wandered the earth...alone, lost, flaw, and very, very, sad. Until one day, he saw this girl, from..across the street. She had three arms.

And he remembered thinking to himself, "God I have never seen a girl with three arms before.."

This was the girl..he wanted. So he followed her.. in down an alley way.

And jumped on her, snogged her, got her to knock one out for him. And left.

..And a love story...-sighs-

SO! Yeah 2D!

Y'know? Months in captivity, trapped in a island, force to's life treating you?

2D:'s a bit...a horrible Plastic can't even order pizza here.........when can I go home..?

Uhh, I don't think that's happening for quite some time, old buddy.

How does it feel to know you about to embark on another lengthy promotion of an album, which knows no bounds?

Ruddeless, mindless..with me! Smashed at the helm? Hmmm?

2D: Hmmmmmnnngggggg...........

Y'know? At some point, I guess..where gonna be found, aren't we really? It's bound to happen..y'know?

I'm - I'm - I'm setting up camera's all around the island. So I'm gonna - I'm gonna try..and beam...y'know? Sorta beam out some signals, some footage. Uh - uh - uh - of all this...y'know? Sorta this..this fantastic mess I've created. I'm gonna send it out, uh let the fans in on all this.

And uh - I'm still not sure if there's - there's anyone out there.

I can't - I can't - I can't be certain.

So I'll - so I'll - I'll - I'll probably just put it through the website.

2D: Why don't you just let me tosser..

Oh! Oh 2...2D old buddy...! Come, come, come...y'know?

Well, while your here, you might as well introduce this one. As you sing on it.

2D: Oh yeah...alright...yeah... um..this is a brand new Gorillaz track. And it's called..........?

Uhhhh...oh! Umm..well..I was.. I was thinking maybe we could call it..

"Little house on the Stinkfish"

2D: That is a terrible name..

Right. Yeah. Your probably right. Uh..

This is uh,

"Little house on the Stinkfish...I'll be back after the break!"

New Gorillaz! Yeah? Get off my leg...


Ohhhh, this is a tune, from one of my favorite films, "The wicker man"

In this movie it was uh, it was actually a lovely chanteuse, by the name of "Britt ekland."

Moooohhhh - oooh - ooohhhhhhhh....

I do miss England.

This is, "Willow's song" and it's preformed by, "Nature and Organisation"



Radio: I had a little boat. I called it life. Once I went out...


It never came back...(Right.) all of a sudden..there was a big wind. (Yeah, yeah, yeah, I got that.) And waves like mountains. (Oh man, real one..) Many things raced through my mind. (Yeah I get that as well..!) In the lonely chanting of the sea, (Oh there talking about me!) I heard the echoes of eternity. (Yeah I do, I hear them! In the mornings!)

And in the fantasy of cloud and sky, (Oh yeah, yeah, yeah.) I saw the one who lives. (Right, yes.) And all things died. (Yeah?) And I was swallowed by the sea. (No...) Lost in the deep. (No..!)

And washed up.

Did you have your trousers on..? Did you? Were you wearing trousers?

Alright. Fair enough. Strong silent type, aye? Jazzing? That's great.

You know what? I've got one bit of advice for you, old son.

Just - just...get out more. Y'know? Meet people, y'know? Talk to them. Just...

Y'know? There's issues there, isn't there, eden old boy?

But..okay. I mean I - I'm a fine one to talk. Y'know? Really. I'm a fine one to talk.

I can uh, I can get help for you, you know? Have some...rum.. -chuckles-

....Oh, it's my old muck out there, are we -laughs- are we broadcasting..?

When I awakened (-laughs- Oh no, he's come back! He's come back!) I rang the door bells. (Yeah, you got more to tell me? Yeah, come one!) And the sea was calm. (Oh that good, that's a relief.) It was strange and wonderful. (Woah, that sounds it.) Like seeing the world (Yeah..!) and seeing through the world. (Yeaaah..yeah..!) And I told the people in the village, (Oh you went to the -) that I went out (Yeah, you went to the village, yeah.) and never came back. (Yeah.)

They all left (-laughs- Yeah! Yeah!) and called me, "The wonderful." (Yeah..-laughs- Oh yeah, yeah! ) And I left with them (Did you go with them?) they didn't know. (No, no, no of course not..) They were the ones. (Yes of course - I knew that, I knew that..) And so I found my way (Yeah how?) and found my home. (But how'd you do that?) On Eden's island. (Did you? You just found it?) Were the wind has been telling the truth. (Ah, always. Never lies!) Forever...(yeah.)..and ever..

When on forever, no about month. (And ever..)

That's a shame, isn't it? The last month or so, it's starting to be more honest, I think the wind..

Oh well. I suppose you can't be picky, but there you are.

Jizzing, but that was lovely!

-clears throat- Nice lad! Nice laddy! Um, might wanna be in a lift with him. But there you are.

Um it was called - that was called, "Lemar."

Uhhh..and the...which is probably something to do with the sea, i'd imagine. I don't know.

As were surrounded by the - by the - the old primary. Y'know? I'm a bit of a salty sea dog, y'know? The truth should be known.

-laugh- Oh yeah, you know that. "Murdy, I'm a salty sea dog."

But uh, I gotta say something. That Eden - he's a lovely, lovely, gentle..hippie...

Uh -laughs- and uh -laughs-

Actually before that, you uh, you heard some uh, more music straight out of the uh, overflowing golden Gorillaz packet!

You lucky people!

Uh - right! That's enough of that.'s um, well..y'know, something else..


"STAR LIGHT!!!!!" ladies and gentlemen, that's what that tracks called.

That's uh, "The Herbaliser" there with our dear ol mucker, "Roots Manuva."

...Yeah. Oh well.

Once, again. The fog's creeping's in. And the time's stuck on midnight.

The waves are lashing against the shore! And everything's...gone a bit..blurry..

-sighs- Well, I'm not sure what I'm next going to broadcast.

But - I've got some special guests to uh, kidnap for some final touches on this magnificent Gorillaz record.

So uh - So darling, babies, children!

..It's been so enriching to be back in contact with you all!

And you've had a link in there, an insight into the wild and watery ways of my new Gorillaz world!

But! I think it's time to break up this party and bid you 'adieu, until I launch my black, cloaked assault on your wicked eardrums.. once more.

2D: If anyone can hear me out there then send for help...! Send!


Yeah, do send for help!

I need 20 beer n H..and a bottle of gray goose...(2D: He's keeping me..)...and a mallet!

2D: ..Prisoner!!

Shhhh! It's okay! (2D: -tries to breathe-)

Just - just - just breathe into this cloth, y'know? (-startled-)

Just breathe. (-breathes-) Breathe 2D breathe..! (-struggles-) Breathe! That's it deep breaths! (-breathes-)

Bits - your gonna feel a bit giddy! (-struggles-) That's it! (-breathes-) where nearly there 2D! (-struggles-)

Breathe...breathe..! (-breathing fades-)

And.............he's gone.

That's it! Okay! I'm gonna leave you all with something truly horrible, truly spectacular, and something that uh - should leave..a nasty, stinky, taste in your mouth. This is, "WHOOPS! I just skid it into your cakehole!" by my fantastic award winning band...Gorillaz!!


Mmmhmm! Oh it's too good to be true! Uh, but it is! Uh, Gorillaz are back! Back on the map, you better believe it baby.

And coming to a digital store near your face in the not to dusting future. No - it - it - it - it really is!

-door creaks- Huh? What's that?..Hello? Who's there?

Wh - what is that? Who - who are you?

It - it's the fog! The fog!


Eh - it - ah - eh!! Oh, the fog it's - its...!

Ahhh -ye! Get it off me! Get the fog off me!

Oh! Oh my shins! It's eating me alive!



Audio Video

Murdoc's Pirate Radio -Point Nemo FM- Part 406:03

Murdoc's Pirate Radio -Point Nemo FM- Part 4

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