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Murdoc: It's coming up... Yeah, com- up… It's coming up... It’s coming up... Aaaand… We’re here! The strange green fog has descended. The night time's rolled back in. And we’re here on Plastic Beach, broadcasting live out into the ether.

Ah… Yes! There's it you may have heard for a while. Sounds like something from The Shining, doesn't it?


So, if you're listening to this, it means you must've managed to solve the riddle, the mazes, and online game amenities of Mission 2 on Gorillaz dot com on Plastic Beach, and this is your prize: a fantastic, original, and thoroughly tailored radio show broadcast from yours truly—me, Murdoc Niccals! Aren't you lucky? *chuckle*

So pull up a stool, put up your feet, and relax because I'm going to play you a whole bunch of music, most of which I'll be, you know, talking over while you're trying to listen. *chuckle* Yeah, and right, I will be taking you through some tracks from the very latest Gorillaz release—The Fall—yeah, with our very own Gorillaz singer 2D.

Sounds like fun, eh kids? Here, let's kick off with this one then. This is-uh pretty much sums up what it's like to be trapped on a plastic island with only the rain and a blue-haired twerp for company.

Here's the Sex Pistols with Lonely Boy...


Murdoc: Hi, this is Murdoc Niccals from Gorillaz. You’re listening to me from Plastic Beach Point Nemo FM, and I’m just going to grab something really fast. Um, I’ll be back in a minute. Here’s PJ Harvey in Let England Shake.


Christ! What the f-? Get out of the way! 


Murdoc: *sings* Ohhhhh yeeeeaaaaahhhh looooooveeeelllyy tuuuuunneeee...

Ehh… That was PJ Harvey in Let England Shake, which, I’m sure given the terrible weather over there is a distinct probability back in Blighty. So, you’re listening to me, Murdoc Niccals, beaming live from Plastic Beach — filthy floating ghetto landfill in the middle of the ocean, teetering on the edge of the world.

I lost signal there for a moment, well, ‘bout nine months actually, while my band Gorillaz stomped their way right ‘round the world. What here we had last year, eh? World tours, videos, huntings, maimings, assassination attempts, and having my glorious Gorillaz band hijacked by a bunch of dirty sailors! Flesh and blood charlatans. BLEH! *spits* More of that later.

Meanwhile, let’s move on with this. Um, what do you get if you cross the Monsters with the Rolling Stones?  Yeah, that’s right! It’s the New York Dolls! Here they are playing their 1973 proto-environmental classic, Trash, in their self-titled debut LP record. Remember LPs? Ugh, yeah, me neither, not anymore. Take it away, boys!


Murdoc: ♪ Thaaaaaaaat ♪ was the New York Dolls there with Trash. And-uh pretty soon I’m going to be joined by a creature that we all know and love: 2-D, singer of my band Gorillaz. He’s-uh he’s just downstairs getting ready at the moment, taking off the old gimp mask and combing his hair all nice for you. He’s gonna be here in the studio at my lighthouse tower on Plastic Beach, and we’ll be playing tracks and selections from the new Gorillaz LP—The Fall. This is the record he made using just his face and an iPad last year while the Gorillaz band were on tour. Amazing, isn’t it? It’s been described as a kind of-uh well, you know, sort of sonic tour diary—his musical memento of the journey across the states. Sounds intriguing, isn’t it?

So while we’re waiting for him to put on his clothes and tie his special needs shoelaces, I’ll play you this: This is from a Jamaican Act called Boris Gardner and the track’s kind of-uh Elizabethan reggae; it’s called, well, Elizabethan Reggae. Here we go.