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Murdoc emerging from the Hell Hole.

The Hell Hole is a location in Kong Studios. There is a timer on the wall that counts down to whenever Murdoc comes out of the Hell Hole. Whenever Murdoc comes out, he says: "I want your souls", in which each time it becomes more distorted and deeper. Noodle's distress call in the Room of Brians might refer to the Hole. Next to the Hell Hole is the frame of a geep with a skull on the wall. Below the timer is written "Fire Coming Out of A Monkey's Head", referring to the song of the same name. To the right of the hole is a locked door.

Hell hole bigger by foot in mouth

Skulls near the Hell Hole.

It appears as if the Hell Hole grew larger over time. Before the timer went off and Murdoc came out, skulls were spewed out of the hole. A skull of a cow and a human skull were also next to the hole in some versions. Some versions also show a Buddha statue head to the left of the hole. In Slowboat to Hades the Hell Hole is probably in the worst condition, as there seems to be a plane to the right of the hole, covering up the locked door.


A much smaller Hell Hole, along with a Buddha head.

Links (Phase 2 Kong Studios. Go through the hole in the carpark, then continue through the bunker.)