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D-Sides Album Art

D-Sides Album Art

Hong Kong is the 5th track of the Gorillaz' 2007 album D-Sides.


Lord, hear me now
Don't put an English voice
Crashing out into the noise
Electric fences and guns

You swallow me
I'm a pill on your tongue
Here on the igniting floor
The neon lights make me numb

And laid in a star's light
It begins to explode
And all the people in a dream
Wait for the machine
Pick the shit up, leave it clean

Kid, hang over here
What you're learning in school
Is the rise of an eastern sun
On a big blue for everyone

The radio station disappeared
Music turned into thin air
The DJ was the last to leave
She had well conditioned hair
Was beautiful but nothing really was there

Alternate Version Edit

Gorrilaz - Hong Kong07:16

Gorrilaz - Hong Kong

An early version of Hong Kong featured in the 2005 UK compilation album, Help!: A Day in the Life.

An alternate version of the song was featured in the 2005 album, Help!: A Day in the Life. In this version of the song, the violin accompaniment is completely absent. In fact, until the inclusion of the song in both the Demon Days live tour and the reworked version featured in the D-Sides album, there was little to no knowledge of the track's existence due to the lack of promotion for the song's release by the band; leaving many to believe that the song was composed specifically for the 2005 album as it was produced as part of the War Child charity campaign at the time.

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