Interlude: The Non-Conformist Oath is the sixth track of the Phase 4 Gorillaz album, Humanz, and the second of six interludes on the standard version of the album.


Steve Martin - The Non-Conformist Oath

Steve Martin - The Non-Conformist Oath

The unedited version of The Non-Conformist Oath

The Interlude features a sample of American comedian, Steve Martin's Non-Conformist Oath from his 1978 comedy album, A Wild and Crazy Guy. The audio was lowered in pitch, slightly distorted, and slowed down to about 0.80 times the normal speed.


The interlude may be interpreted as the band's way of indirectly acknowledging how different the album sounds in comparison to their older works. It can be seen as the band's way of breaking from their distinct style of music in an attempt reinvent themselves to avoid growing stale in the ever-changing and evolving landscape of music.