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The video opens with a shoot of an electric fance with Noodle's form, presuming that she jumped through the fance. The jaguar car is shown,and a race track. A few people with helmets on are seen looking at the monitor and Lap times on it. The car then starts and drives off. The car drives at full speed, and one men is holding two flags while the other one showes a monitor with the words "New track record" on it. The car then arrives at the finish line and Noodle comes out and takes off her helmet.

Noodle: *Gives the helmet to the racer* Lovely runner. Needs a bit more front wing, understeers a bit in the fast! Wouldn't you agree?

The man looks at the women and she smiles while Noodle jumps and walks away and the video ends.

Jaguar Racing Noodle Announced as Global Ambassador01:44

Jaguar Racing Noodle Announced as Global Ambassador

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