Latin Simone (English Version) is a regional track of the Gorillaz 2002 album G-Sides and was also part of the Tomorrow Comes Today EP.


Give up
If you wanna survive,
Get on so alive.
In your life
Falling out the sky on top of you,
Now what you do?

Set yourself up now,
It's the love of your life.
Shallowly on me.
All I know
Before it's gone;
I always feel it's getting me down,
When nothing's wrong.

What's the matter with me?
What's the matter with me, me, me?

Give up
If you wanna survive,
Pick the sun back up.
You got
To get on the song,
What's the point?
It's funny till you're left to kill yourself
In this town.

So what's the matter with me?
What's the matter with me?
What's the matter with me?
What's the matter with me, me, me?


  • This version was originally intended to be in place of it's Spanish counterpart, "Latin Simone (Que Pasa Contigo)", on the debut album, but Damon Albarn decided that the Spanish version sounded better, so he put it on the album instead.

This version of the track is listed as the third and fourth track on the un-mastered version of the Gorillaz album.

  • The reason why this track was listed twice was that one version (track 3) had higher backing vocals while the other version (track 4) had lower BV's.
  • Besides that, this track was one of the tracks in the album to remain unchanged prior to its final release.

Audio Video

Gorillaz - Latin Simone (English version) - Gorillaz03:34

Gorillaz - Latin Simone (English version) - Gorillaz


  • While this version asks, "What's the matter with me?", the original Spanish version asks "What's the matter with you?"

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