This is a list of the tempo in BPM (beats per minute) of selected Gorillaz tracks. They have been measured manually and should be considered to have a margin of error of 2 bpm either way.

It will be seen that many Gorillaz tracks have a relatively slow tempo characteristic of hip hop, although the average BPMs have been increasing over time. Damon Albarn has said he intends to impose a lower limit of 125 bpm for the next album, though of course he may not stick to that.


12D3 86

19-2000 (album version) 90

19-2000 (Soulchild remix) 102

5/4 97 - complicated because of the polyrhythmic structure but this is counting the heavy 4/4 beat rather than the 5/4 guitar line

911 (original mix) 77

Amarillo 133

Clint Eastwood (original) 84

Clint Eastwood (Ed Case Re-Fix) 132

DARE 120

Demon Days 125

Detroit 123

Dirty Harry (original) 96

Dirty Harry (Chinese New Year mix) 96

Doncamatic (original mix) 123

Don't Get Lost In Heaven 126

Dracula 61 or 122

Electric Shock (demo) 96

Every Planet We Reach Is Dead 88

Feel Good Inc (album version) 138.297

Ghost Train 73

Glitter Freeze 121

Highway (Under Construction) 113

Hong Kong (original version) 150

Intro (from Demon Days) 155

Kids With Guns (album version) 107

Kids With Guns (Hot Chip remix) 114

Last Living Souls 138

Little Pink Plastic Bags 140

Murdoc Is God 123

Phoner From Arizona 120

Plastic Beach 92

Re-Hash 100

Revolving Doors 100

Rock It 96

Rock The House 87

Stylo 101 or 202

Superfast Jellyfish (album version) 81

The Sounder 87

To Binge 104

Tomorrow Comes Today 94

We Are Happy Landfill 100