Murdoc's Phase 2 ident

Murdoc in the Mexican Jail contained with three other Mexican jailbirds.

The ident features Murdoc Niccals as he introduces the band's new video from "Demon Days".


Murdoc: Hi, this is Murdoc Niccals, demon bass player of Gorillaz.

The extended version bit

  • Murdoc: And uh your watching...Whats it called?
  • (While Murdoc wiggles his tongue out)
  • Mexican Jailbird: I think its called..."use".
  • Murdoc: Oh yeah, yeah hmm, okay hmm.

Murdoc: Coming up our new kick-ass Gorillaz video. Hey listen, when do I get out of here?

Mexican jailbird: Not for a long time my friend (laughs evilly while putting on medical gloves).
Gorillaz Murdoc Ident

Gorillaz Murdoc Ident