Noodle's VMA Acceptance Speech

Noodle in her capsule hotel bunk while holding the MTV Moonman Trophy.

This video depicts Noodle making her award acceptance speech live from a capsule hotel room on the behalf of the Gorillaz for the 2005 MTV Video Music Awards.


We wanted to put a track on the album that was reminiscent of the electronic clap sounds that came out of Manchester in the 80s. Sean has been a friend of our bass player Murdoc for a long time. The sound of his voice worked very well against the sweetness of the backing vocal. It was really fun to work with Sean! He was stuck in the vocal booth with his headphones on, but he couldn't hear us, so he shouted over to us, "Hey, turn up the headphones, would ya?" so we were turning them up and he's going, "Yes it's coming up a bit, it's coming up, it's coming up, it's coming up, it's there!" It sounded so good that we decided to use that bit for the chorus! The video is shot in my bedroom at Kong studios. As the chill starts, I flick a switch, and all the tubes begin pumping various liquids into Sean's head. The combination of the liquid and the music is irresistible, and Sean comes to life! The music so good, I start busting some incredible moves, you know? And I did a DARE dance routine. The dance is a combination of moves, some classic, some new, maybe even a little 60s swing out! First, I do a twist, then a kick out, than a dynamite jump skip! Then a hip shake to the side. Next, shuffle, hop skip, shimmy, and finish the leaning bow. It's the shizzle! I think it's a great dance, like a shuffle with a sliding swing back. If you practice enough, it comes out really smooth. Once you've got this you can add your own handclaps, and the finger clicks, you know? I thought my white outfit brought all the moves to life too! I'm not sure if the rest of the band mind that I'm the star of this video, but whatever! I mean I saw way too much of Murdoc's showing off in the Feel Good Inc video, and I thought that the boys misbehaved badly in it. As I said, it's my song, you know! I wrote it! So, I can choose who's going in the video and how it's going to be made. In fact, when we started shooting the video I didn't actually tell any of the band that we had begun. You can see 2-D listening through the floorboards and unaware of what is happening, and Russel is on the toilet reading a newspaper, also wondering what the noise is. They just don't know what's going on, Murdoc wasn't even there! He was asleep in his Winnebago ,and missed out on the whole shoot, until right at the end when the cameras came into his bedroom. But, it is all thought. I think he should pay more attention.


Gorillaz - Noodle's Dare Interview HD

Gorillaz - Noodle's Dare Interview HD