Noodle in her capsule hotel bunk introducing the video.

The ident features Noodle as she introduces the bands new video "DARE".


(Noodle plays what appears to be a Gameboy in a capsule hotel)

Noodle: Hello, My name is ヌードル. [Nudoru] (Noodle)

Guitar player with...uh...Gorillaz band! Coming up with the video from the new song.

[Noodle throws the gameboy]

Noodle: なんやねんこのゲームあほったれー!ウチを舐めとんのかー!?

[Nan'ya nen kono gēmu ahottare! Uchi o name ton no ka!?]

(What the fucking game! Is it messing with me!?)
Gorillaz Noodle Ident

Gorillaz Noodle Ident