That surpose to be lucky you know

2-D and Noodle looking at Murdoc's misfortune.

"On The Island" is a short video from Phase 2 featuring the Gorillaz. It is unknown if it is considered to be part of the G-Bitez series or not. 

Character Appearance


[All four members of the Gorillaz are lying down in the grass by the windmill, with "Feel Good Inc." playing in the background]

Murdoc: I hate making videos.

2-D: It could be worse.

Murdoc: Really?

[A bird poops in Murdoc's right eye]

2-D: That's supposed to be lucky, you know.

[Noodle laughs from behind]

[Murdoc grunts and then the video ends]


Gorillaz - On The Island (G-Bite) (HD)00:29

Gorillaz - On The Island (G-Bite) (HD)

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