Orchestral Intro is the first track of the Gorillaz' 2010 album "Plastic Beach". It features Snoop Dogg

Band member Murdoc Niccals stated the following about "Orchestral Intro" in a track-by-track commentary:

"I needed something other-worldly to open the record. This album’s been a while in the making and this needed to be The Big Reveal. It needed to be portentous, vast and… oceanic. But graceful. Like the morphine’s just gently kicking in as the listener glides into the Plastic Bay. Mmmm.

This little symphony was recorded with the Sinfonia ViVA orchestra, in Derby, around April 2009. I recorded with them in the old Rolls Royce engine factory, where they built the engines for the World War II spitfires. Which fits the soul of all this - a bygone era, the remnants of war and planes and decay.



Gorillaz - Orchestral Intro - Plastic Beach

Gorillaz - Orchestral Intro - Plastic Beach