Paula Cracker profile
Name: Paula Cracker
Gender: Female

Birthday: October 12, 1978

Sign: Libra

Eye Color: Seen to be black

Hair Color: Black
Age: 38
Years Active: 1998

"Paula Cracker" is 2-D's ex-girlfriend and Gorillaz's first guitarist. 2-D liked her, but Russel caught her having an affair with the unscrupulous Murdoc in the Kong Studio toilets. Being 2-D's best friend at the time, Russel broke Murdoc's nose in five places, explaining its strange appearance. Russel relayed the news to 2-D, and Paula left the band. Some people believe she was kicked out, while others believe she left to avoid causing more trouble. Noodle eventually replaced her position on guitar.

Rise Of The Ogre claims that she was mentally unwell. It's claimed that Paula had told Penguin Publishing this was untrue, although something convinced Penguin Publishing to "look the other way".

The subject of Paula is a berserker button for 2-D, as seen in the Plastic Beach iTunes interview when Murdoc mentions the affair and 2-D attacks him, prompting Murdoc to stop him with a chloroform stained rag.

Her current whereabouts are unknown, although she did participate in the interviews for Rise of the Ogre.


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