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The official cover for Rise of the Ogre

This is a transcript for the Russel interview in "Rise of the Ogre", which explains all the details of what happened on the day Russel became the host for the ghosts of his gunned down friends.

For a more simpler history on Russel, visit his page here:

Russel Hobbs - Awaking the Slumbering Giant

Russel: My first encounter with Murdoc really was when the bag went over my head. He asked me for some obscure 50's records and, er...I turned around to look for it. I was working behind the counter in Big Rick Black's Record Shack, in London's Soho area. I had my back turned to him for just a moment and that's when he slipped the sack over my head and bundled me out of the shop. It wasn't until it came off that I found myself at Kong Studios and that Murdoc Niccals was my assistant. But the music he played me was good enough to keep me there.

Narrator: Enter Russel Hobbs, the Hip Hop Hardman from the US of A. Born in Brooklyn, NYC, on June 3rd, 1975, Russel was properly raised to be considerate and well-spoken, with respect for those around him. If 2D was the looks, Murdoc the brains, then Russel truly was the heart. While Murdoc and 2D were into music, this dude Russel was a musician, whose knowledge of sound spanned around the world.

Trouble, however, had always followed Russel Hobbs around.

Murdoc: I'd heard about this hip hop maestro Hobbs, a one-man rhythm king who had been possessed by the ghosts of his dead friends. C'mon, how much press is that gonna get you? It's got everything! Hip hop, the undead, rapping spirits, deportation and a devastating drummer, all rolled up in to one big royalty cheque. No, baby, the second I heard about Russel Hobbs, I knew that he was going to be in my band, whether he liked it or not...

Russel, born in Brooklyn, New York City on June 3, 1975, had been sent to England for his own safety after all of his friends were suddenly gunned-down one night in a drive-by shooting. He recounts the tale in his deep, slow East Cost drawl.

Russel: It's still so vivid. The sound of a car coming around the back of us. Me and my friends were parked outside a 7-Eleven store, and it was raining real hard. We was minding our own business, you know. The Humvee, a big black Humvee kind a crawled around the back of our vehicle, and we just knew this was trouble...

2-D: Go on, what happened next?

Murdoc looks at 2-D and rolls his eyes. 2-D's heard this story 50, 60 times, and Murdoc knows it. He throws a hefty phone book at 2-D, hitting him squarely on the back of the head.

Murdoc: Oi! Rain Man! Why don't you go and memorize this?

Getting Russel to go through this again was like sitting on some tedious old fart's therapy session.