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What is the True bix?

As far as the webpage reveals the true bix is a "Sixteen-year resident of the Portland of Oregon born forty three years ago in upstate New York". More information on the True Bix is at

The True Bix and Gorillaz

What does this have to do with Gorillaz? When in 2D's bedroom on (The interactive Plastic Beach game) you can see a Book on the lower right corner of the screen. It's not completely visible tough but we can see the Letters "TR" and "B". When zooming in and out rapidly  by using the zoom function of the Browser we could see the "TRUE BIX" on the book flashing for a short time.


The True bix book in 2D's room on Plastic Beach.

So the true bix is something 2D is reading about.

Furthermore, Damon Albarn,singer from Blur and Creator of Gorillaz, sang in his song "Country House"  the Lyrics:

"He doesn't drink, smoke, love."

Which turned out to be the second property of a True bix :

"Nor drugs or sexes..."

Additionally, the True Bix is described as a person, who has

"Most assuredly not all his teeth."

which is another similarity to 2D, who has his both front teeth inside of his head after the second car accident with murdoc when 2D was in coma. (Rise of the Orge).

Further information on the True Bix and it's relation to Gorillaz have not yet been discovered.

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