The Gorillaz' music video of Tomorrow Comes Today.


Directed by Jamie Hewlett and Pete Candeland

PRODUCER Sophie Byrne

EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS Andrew Ruhemann/Tom Astor

ANIMATORS Pete Candeland, Dave Antrobus, Chris Hauge

ASSISTANT AND FX ANIMATORS Dave Burns, Molly Sanderson, Michael Douglas, Rufus Dayglo, Nicola Perkiss

TRACERS Sam Spacey, Angeline da Silva

CG ANIMATORS Chris Hemming, Stuart Hall


EDITOR Stuart Hutcheson


There is no story to the video. The Gorillaz are just shown hanging out and driving at high speed around London, intercut with a short sequences of pills flying towards the screen

Additional Information

Images from this video were included in the artwork for the Gorillaz debut album.There is also an easter egg that is a picture of a red gorilla that is shown for a extremely brief moment during the time when 2D was spinning.


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