Tomorrow Comes Today EP is Gorillaz' first ever commerical release.


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The UK issue of the Tomorrow Comes Today EP, realesed November 27, 2000, was the first commercial Gorillaz release. Having 4 tracks, it was ineligible for the UK singles charts (which then had a '3 original track' limit) and was thus classified an EP. The EP had virtually no promotion at the time of release. The three B-sides (unheard at time of release) and the CD-ROM video of 'Tomorrow Comes Today' rounded off an excellent package showing many sides of this new act.

Basic Tracklisting

1.Tomorrow Comes Today [3:14]

2 Rock the House [4:09]

3. Latin Simone [3:39]

4. 12D3 [3:24]

5. Tomorrow Comes Today (Enhanced Video) [3:23]

Release dates and chart positions

UK : 27/11/00 – highest chart position: not chart eligible

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