Tony Chopper was the school bully from Murdoc's school. Tony referenced Murdoc as a creepy little runt.

Tony was mentioned in Murdoc's story in the book/audiobook for Rise of the Ogre. He was decribed as "a thick, meaty skin head lump with arms like two racks of kabab meat." He called Murdoc many names such as "odd sock," "gay lord," "runt," "reject" and "great stinking pile of horse dung." One day, Murdoc insulted Tony Chopper, calling him "a useless, bloated backward waste of space who would probably end up getting a job of holding up 'For Sale' signs on the corner of streets only to then get himself fired and replaced by a bucket of soil" and that "a pissed monkey would stand a better chance in life", causing him to punch Murdoc in the nose and giving him the first of the eight fractures in his wonky nose. In the book, he revealed that he was now 42 and works as a shelf stacker in a shop.