aka Olivia

  • I was born on October 15
  • I am Female
  • 2Dlover4231

    Hey guys, it's me Olivia.

    I've recently been getting back into the gorillaz and stuffs so I decided to log back onto wiki and see if anyone was on. I know its almost been two years since we've all gotten together to roleplay or just talk about random epic things so I shouldn't have assumed any of you would be on. Anyways, I was looking through the messages on my talk page and it makes me upset that we all stopped talking because we all cared so much about eachother! I miss the times! Bree with Peanut, Colin with the pedopanda shirt, David your kindness, Stacey your amazing roleplays, Al your epicly amazing conversation starters... Hell I miss everyone we used to talk to on here! But I think that it would be a great idea if we all got back o…

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