YEAH, I heard Damon And Jamie broke up, but then i heard rummors that they were taking a break, but what i really want to know is........


I LOVE GORILLAZ. They've only been around for like 10, 11, years now, bands stay together a little longer than that, dont they? really I want to know the truth. No rummors, or blogs, or facebook posts. Just two, simple answere. Will they finish the story of Plastic Beach, are they going to make another album, and will they make a movie. Just as a bonus.

DAMON, you need o stay, and share to the world your wisdome in song. And tell the world how you see the world. when i listened to El Manana, i totaly realised huw crule and black hearted our world is. But were just all stuck in the middle of it, lost and confused. In that mist were just trapped forever, and well never be at rest until the day we die. Thats what that ment to me. Your words are like poatry through song.

so please do another album.


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