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  • Crackedtalon23

    I'm back!! Hopefully for a while...well I've got some good news!!!!

    Jamie Hewlett just announced on his Instagram that name of the new album and the release date!!

    The album will be titled HUMANZ and will be released April 28th!![1]

    On Monday earlier this week, the entire soundtrack and all the albums collaborators have been revealed!! (YES!! Hallelujah Money is on there!!)[2]

    Also tonight Gorillaz plans to release 4 of its tracks tonight at 7:30 UK time (3:30 EST) on BBC Radio 1 (I'm gonna be listening tonight!!!)[3]


    Hope this brightened up your day!! Save the Date: 28/04/2017

    1. Jamie's Instagram

    2. Full Soundtrack

    3. Song Premieres

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  • Crackedtalon23

    Hello everyone!!

    So...I've been pretty busy lately mainly cuz of school...didn't know that being a freshman in high school was it is...(mainly cuz i go to an academic honors high school...could exolain why i have C's in the classes I got A's in throughout middle school...)

    But anyways...I joined Gorillaz Wiki on October 9, 2015 and its actually the 14th 5 days ago marked 1 YEAR of me being a member of this wiki!! I'm feel like so much has been accomplished by not just me but other members of this wiki...with of course a few rocky roads here and there...but yeah!! I even became Discussion Moderator about a month ago (Thanx Xeno!! πŸ˜„)

    I'm glad to see that this wiki is coming along great and I hope to see it …

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  • Crackedtalon23

    as some of you may have known I am in school...well duh...thats the reason i haven't been as active lately...

    Anyway, one of the courses I'm taking is Art as i have a passion for it (and cuz of Jamie Hewlett of course!!πŸ˜‰). Our first in-class assignment was to draw pictures of our shoes. I was wearing Gorillaz converse that day and my teacher asked me, "who's on your shoes?"

    I answered, "Gorillaz." i woulda thought he didn't know who they were...but i thought wrong...

    "Oh i love Gorillaz!!" he said, "I have their CD with me. Do u want me to play it?"

    I laughed and said "sure." so the whole class period we listened to the Demon Days album...that made up for the previous art day where all he did was talk!πŸ˜†

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  • Crackedtalon23

    Recent news about the release date of the new album has surfaced...


    Wait WHAT?!

    You heard me...

    I'M JUST KIDDING!! πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

    I'm not funny...I know...but...


    So as you know, 2016 was said to be an "all Gorillaz year" according to Damon Albarn, but there is a little bad news in that aspect. Check this out...

    On a recent Instagram post by gorillaz.northamerica, Jamie has informed his fans that the new Gorillaz album is "Really F**kin' Special" and won't be released until 2017 (I'll leave external links at the bottom of the page). This has also been released in the tabloids and is all over internet news...

    But let's not get too upset about this. Damon & Jamie wouldn't be doing this if they didn't want t…

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  • Crackedtalon23

    Why I Ship 2nu

    April 6, 2016 by Crackedtalon23

    I know this doesn't really have anything to do with...well, anything...but I just felt like sharing my story on why I ship "2nu"

    Ever since I got into the Gorillaz, I'd always had a thing for "2doc" for some (Murdoc is) God-unknown reason. I don't know...I just thought it was ironic but yet sorta cute.

    I started talking to this guy from my school who was somewhat into Gorillaz, but wasn't really a huge fan (He somewhat knew the creators & virtual members, also knew some popular songs.) I told him that he reminded me a lot and I mean A LOT of 2-D (looks, personality, etc.) which he then delved into the world of Gorillaz and wanted to become a "New Genious" of the band so he could impress me...this is so cheesy. I KNOW YOU DONT FEEL GOOD!!!!!

    So …

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