Hello everyone!!

So...I've been pretty busy lately mainly cuz of school...didn't know that being a freshman in high school was it is...(mainly cuz i go to an academic honors high school...could exolain why i have C's in the classes I got A's in throughout middle school...)

But anyways...I joined Gorillaz Wiki on October 9, 2015 and its actually the 14th 5 days ago marked 1 YEAR of me being a member of this wiki!! I'm feel like so much has been accomplished by not just me but other members of this wiki...with of course a few rocky roads here and there...but yeah!! I even became Discussion Moderator about a month ago (Thanx Xeno!! 😄)

I'm glad to see that this wiki is coming along great and I hope to see it become even better in the next years...and I'll be able to contribute a little more if I'm not as busy!! I hope to chat with other members of the wiki and can't wait to meet new members!! You're all like a family to me and I enjoy working on Gorillaz Wiki with all of you!!! 👏

(and sorry if i got kinda weird around the end 😂)

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