as some of you may have known I am in school...well duh...thats the reason i haven't been as active lately...

Anyway, one of the courses I'm taking is Art as i have a passion for it (and cuz of Jamie Hewlett of course!!😉). Our first in-class assignment was to draw pictures of our shoes. I was wearing Gorillaz converse that day and my teacher asked me, "who's on your shoes?"

I answered, "Gorillaz." i woulda thought he didn't know who they were...but i thought wrong...

"Oh i love Gorillaz!!" he said, "I have their CD with me. Do u want me to play it?"

I laughed and said "sure." so the whole class period we listened to the Demon Days album...that made up for the previous art day where all he did was talk!😆

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