I know this doesn't really have anything to do with...well, anything...but I just felt like sharing my story on why I ship "2nu"

Ever since I got into the Gorillaz, I'd always had a thing for "2doc" for some (Murdoc is) God-unknown reason. I don't know...I just thought it was ironic but yet sorta cute.

I started talking to this guy from my school who was somewhat into Gorillaz, but wasn't really a huge fan (He somewhat knew the creators & virtual members, also knew some popular songs.) I told him that he reminded me a lot and I mean A LOT of 2-D (looks, personality, etc.) which he then delved into the world of Gorillaz and wanted to become a "New Genious" of the band so he could impress me...this is so cheesy. I KNOW YOU DONT FEEL GOOD!!!!!

So anyway we were talking one day and I kept calling him "2-D" and he was laughing and then all of a sudden, he called me "Noodle." I froze for second and asked him why he called me that and he said, "I know you're a '2doc' fan, but I just can't ship it. And although they have a huge age gap, I ship 2-D and Noodle. Even though you don't really ship it, can I be the 2-D to your Noodle?" I accepted his offer and...well...that's what happened! (I KNOW THIS IS WEAK!!!) I started shipping "2nu" ever since!!

I still ship it to this day, but I still ship "2doc"...I know some people say you can only pick one but...yeah. I ship both...nuff said.

I hope you liked/hated my cheesy story!! Thank you very much!!


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