• MisterXenomorph

    We now have an awesome discord server. Gorillaz Wiki Discord!

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  • MisterXenomorph

    I'm back

    April 3, 2017 by MisterXenomorph

    Hello Gorillaz Wiki! I am back. Bigger,Longer, and Uncut. Now that you may be asking, "Where were you?" The answer is simple, but complicated at the same time. 

    We all have a life, and sometimes a responsibility might come at a peer's death. Family member died, and I had to step up. Well, now things have calmed down, I am back again and will continue to contribute like 2012!

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  • MisterXenomorph

    First things first. To understand, let me explain who the Star jam167 is. 

    Star jam167 started out pretty well as Bunnylo9, making normal edits she has made back in June. It was just a group of four when Radicaledward was away. Me, Tritnew , WorldsoKayest , and Bunnylo9. Everything was fine when Bunnylo9 turned lazy, she had Worldsokayest make most of the transcripts from Rise of the Ogre. Knowing that Worldsokayest could not do everything himself, me and Tritnew provided assistance and I asked Bunnylo9 if she can help too. She said she will, in chat, but she didn't do a damn thing. 

    Stuff was normal until Tritnew just went inactive for no reason and it was just up to us to take care of the wiki. That fateful day hen Bunnylo9 changed his nam…

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  • MisterXenomorph

    In 1979, some space crew decided to crash land to our planet so we came into thier ship to tell them to go away by landing a facehugger on a random guy with a beard. Events transipered, one fellow Xenomorph ran away becuase of a crazy lady with a giant mech suit saying "Get Away from her, you bitch!" and I was all like "U wot?" I tried to attack her and the crazy lady threw me into space! Everything was a blur from there until I woke up as a skeleton on a moon! Turns out the planet was an abandoned base! They had full digs on some futruristic technology! Woo Hoo, I was at home. I just realized its 2016 now so I was dead for a long time it seems. 

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  • MisterXenomorph

    Truly Democrazy!

    August 2, 2016 by MisterXenomorph

    Allright everybody, I have been scouring the internet looking if I had missed demos and I am not even close to being done....

    Phase 1

    • 911 (Demo)
    • 5/4 (Demo)
    • Don Quixote's Christmas Bonanza*
    • FM*
    • Gorillaz On My Mind (feat. Redman)*
    • Dub Dumb*
    • Gor Beaten*
    • Gor Beaten (Full Version With Vocals)
    • Punk (Demo)
    • Sound Check (Demo) [feat. Kid Koala]
    • Hand Clapper*
    • Spacemonkeyz Theme (feat. Spacemonkeyz)*
    • The Sounder (feat. Phi Life Cypher) [Extended Mix]*
    • Left Hand Suzuki Method (Extended Mix)*
    • Starshine (feat. Phi Life Cypher) [Alternate Verson]*

    Phase 2

    • Mr. Softy's Balloon Race
    • Mix 2
    • Kids With Guns (With BV's)
    • O Green World (Demo)
    • Gorillaz Routine (feat. Kid Koala)***
    • Lonely Man**
    • Hong Kong (Alternate Version)*
    • Aluminum (Stop The Dams Alternate Version) [Played live once, but …
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