Konnichi wa Mitsky-chan here. Im here wonderin if anyone has any info about the Gorillaz and their new album coming up "Platic Beach"

All i know is that Russle can not be found. Muds and 2D dont know where he can be at this point. Then there is Noodle. If you see her in the new pictures that are recently out that i not her. Well the real her for that matter. Noodle is in hell still and the Noodle that you see is non other than an android that Murdoc made.

He made her from i think using some of her DNA(hair) from the music video "El Manana" He too used parts from Russle's music machine to make the devise which made the Noodle android. But yes she is still in hell, because Murdoc has failed to bring her back.

So come on Mud's bring Noodle back.

But check out the new songs that are made, in my opinion they are RoKin!!!



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