aka Geo, some call me Mizu

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  • I live in Ohio
  • I was born on June 23
  • My occupation is Nothing right now, except Internet Surfer 🏄
  • I am Male, but don't stereotype me. Deal with it! Ngaaah!
  • MizukageMoonstone


    • Hair- Short, Black and Long bangs covering eyes (almost like Noodles)
    • Eyes- Fully White, mostly hidden
    • Age- 26
    • birthday- Feb 3
    • Nose- much smaller but shaped like Noodle's
    • Mouth- Same as Noodle's
    • (they r pretty much twins)
    • missing 1 tooth in the right top row in the front.
    • Loves 2-d as a brother but secretly as a crush ;'3
    • Plays the guitar and violin, a little bit of singing
    • has a Japanese accent (strong)
    • words she can say- 2-d as= tew-deeha, Noodle= Nootel, Murdoc= Mur-toc, Russel= Roos :3, Noisa= Noo-sha :)
    • Sounds like-
    • Personality- Eerie, quiet, energetic, sweet, sometimes sarcastic, softhearted, (usually bullied by Murdoc), Scared but only of Murdoc >:(, Doesn't really look for attention, loves snugg…
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