"A really nice spade you no." - DedEx

I finally got my new laptop and have most of my stuff re-installed so I'm going to try to get down to been business. First order of business, got rid of that atrociously bad logo that some person put up without my permission and made a shiny new one in its place.

Old Wiki-wordmark

Old (and without my permission)

Gorillaz wiki logo v2

The wiki logo as of 08/2016

As of this post, I'm currently working on putting in a new background and color scheme to replace the wiki's current one. Also, I didn't forget about the forum. That's still coming eventually.

I'm also looking into finding some new staff (whether they will be from this site or actual Wikia staff is up to me). Just thought I'd put up an actual blog post to officially state what will be potentially happening.

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