So, I found out that the owner of the record store ordered me some albums up and all that, it's obviously gonna be some good old Pink Floyd albums, and probably even some Queen albums and all that.

Though, I talked about The Downward Spiral with them and how it was all scratched and all that, at least the second record (which played fine until my little bro and mother were trying to put a bed back in the couch at a motel).

Made me EXTREMELY pissed and sad because TDS is pretty much my all time favorite album and overall favorite album by Nine Inch Nails. So maybe the owner ordered me some Nine Inch Nails records too (probably be Pretty Hate Machine, which I don't mind one bit).

Alright, so you're probably wondering: the owner is being extremely nice to you.

I guess you could say we're friends? Dunno, honestly. I love the record store for the sake of being pretty chill and nice. But I always keep on eyeing that Division Bell boxset behind the counter, too. Of course it's way too much money.

But who knows what they have in store for me, you know?

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